Polemi Beach, Kos, Greek Nude Beach


Polemi Beach, Kos - Tolerated Nude Beach

Polemi Beach, also known as Exotic Beach, is located on the southwest coast of the Greek island of Kos. Look for the sign to Magic Beach about 6km before you reach Kefalos when travelling along the main road southwest from Kos airport. When you reach the beach you will see the mainly textile Magic Beach on your right so turn left and head for the nude Exotic Beach. Reports from 2003 suggest that Exotic Beach has almost total nudity and even the umbrella area is 90% nudist. See Captain Barefoot's Guide To Kos. There is a taverna nearby which sells sandwiches. The next beach along this coastline is Sunny Beach, also nudist. There used to be nude sunbathing further along at Paradise Beach (near Kefalos town) but this area is now too commercialised for naturism.

Map Showing the Island of Kos
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Polemi Nude Beach

Polemi Nudist Beach Kos

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  1. We found this beach in 2004 and returned again in 2005 as we enjoyed it so much. Access to the beach is from the main road from the airport to Kefalos. About 6Km before Kefalos, there is a tarmac road that leads down to the beach which is sign posted Magic beach. Follow the road down, passing a restaurant on the right hand side and at the bottom the beach splits in two. The beach on the right hand side is magic beach which is textile so if you dare to bare turn left. Follow the stoney road to the car park which is about 500m from the end of the tarmac road. This is Polemi beach. There is about 30 sunbeds with umbrellas, when we were there (July) it was all most entirely naturist a mix of British, German & Italian. The beach its self is sand & shingle and access to the sea is easy and its clean, unlike the beaches on the north side of the island which suffer a lot of debris due to the prevailing wind. From where the sunbeds are the beach extends on around the bay for about 3Km and is completely deserted, so you are able to walk along the waters edge. On the down side though because of the extent of the beach some passing walkers from Magic beach do amble by occasionally. There is no facilities on the actual beach however its an easy walk back to the restaurant for lunch or drinks. - Ian C, (November 2005)

  2. Well, we have just got back from our stay on Kos island. We came across this beach completely by accident while out looking for beaches. Our 1st day there was fantastic. All the naturists were lovely and we found plenty of other brits on the beach. the sunbeds were 7 euros for 2 and that was for all day. The beach is fantastic and we walked for ages along the beach (naked). There are a few textiles walking by but no one looked at us in a bad way as they were on our beach ...lol The sea is so warm and you can walk out in complete safety. We would say that we recommend this beach to anyone, as everyone seems to look after your belongings whilst you're out walking or swimming. We can't wait to get back now later in the year. you can even take pictures (of each other) and no one seems to be ogling you. All we can say is that go enjoy and be freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. But most of all ENJOY -- j and m (June 2011)

  3. we stumbled across exotic beach by accident. we now feel that we have to share the experience we had on the beach. it's a fantastic beach that you can walk along for ages. the age groups that dwell on the beach are from 20s to 70s. the people are friendly, and if you fancy a stroll they will watch out for your valuables. there were a few single men on the beach but not once did they bother us at or anyone else. the first day there we had a sunbed, but the next week just laid our towels out on the sand and enjoyed the freedom. we were told that the owner of the sunbeds sold cold drinks, but we never needed them as we took our own. there is a lovely restaurant about 5-10 minutes walk from the beach. it's a complete mixture of people on the beach and all are naked and enjoying the freedom. the sea is lovely and warm and not rocky, but care must be made when walking into the sea as you are walking on a smooth slab of rock that does get slippery in places. i would recommend this beach 100% to anyone and it's well worth finding as it's such a relaxed place. yes there are a few textiles that walk by (wanna be naturists i call them ) but they dont bother you at all. we can't wait to get back to this island now in august just so we can go back to this beach for the whole 2 weeks. if i had to rate this beach for ease, swimming, walking, cleaniness and friendly people i would rate it at 99 out of a 100. so next time you're on kos island, it's well worth finding and enjoying. -- joell (June 2011)

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