Pekapeka Nude Beach, New Zealand

Pekapeka Beach, New Zealand - Tolerated Nude Beach

Pekapeka on the Kapiti Coast was one of the first beaches used for skinny-dipping in the Wellington region and is the first beach north of Wellington on the Kapiti Coast where nudism is commonly practised and therefore legally safe. Since Te Hapua Rd was extended to the beach in the late 80s, the area used has moved north about 1 km due to it's easier access. The beach is clean and tidy, although slightly exposed to the elements.

Map of coastline near Pekapeka Beach
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Map showing Te Hapua Road and Beach


  1. From State Highway 1 6 km north of Waikanae (on the west coast of the North Island, towards Wellington) turn west into Te Hapua Road, 3 km to the end. Track 100m to the beach, walk to your left 10 - 15 minutes. No camping. - The Free Beach Group

  2. There is an great report on Pekapeka Beach here on the excellent Nudism in NZ website which contains many more reports from New Zealand's nudist beaches.

  3. I visited NZ November of 2005. I am originally from the area and was aware of the beach and its use by nudists. I forgot the nude area had moved north due to the extension of Hapua Rd and wandered why I was the only one. I was using the beach area just north of Peka Peka Rd, in front of the Motel. It was during the week on the occasisional fine day. However I walked nude along the beach in that general area and the few people who were also out did not appear to mind although I got the odd stare. I had expected to see a few more nudists but it was early spring. I am a male and enjoy NZ and its scenery and now live in the US. - Harvey (April 2006)


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